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The Engineering & Architectural Design (EAD) program is designed to assist students (juniors & seniors) in determining which engineering field they may want to go in to by introducing students to various fields of engineering. This program will cover a broad range of topics and a variety of engineering principles. Students will be exposed to multiple job expectations and requirements of engineers, and will be expected to successfully perform some of these tasks.  A primary focus of this program will be to develop the ability to problem solve using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as tools for solutions.
Units in this program will range from basic 2D-CAD to 3D solid modeling drawings, architectural, civil, mechanical, and basic electrical drawing techniques, team building, communication skills, ergonomics, occupational safety and health to project development, time management, and cost analysis.
EDT is a two-year / five-credit program.  Students earn three credits for three blocks of participation in the first year; two credits for two blocks of participation in the second year.
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**Pre-requisite Skills:

Students enrolled in the EAD program should have some prior exposure to algebra and geometry, have basic skills in the use of a scientific calculator, and have basic skills in the use of computer software to make graphs, reports and presentations.
**Students are required to:
Wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment when doing lab work.



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This course is held at LRTC in room V-218.