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This 3 period/3 credit course will be open to students on blue days and white days.  The course includes:

*human anatomy & physiology   *pathophysiology   *emergency care  *medical terminology   *infection control/safety   *career exploration *medical law & ethics   *employability and leadership skills

Students will also practice technical skills in our lab, develop a comprehensive career portfolio and attend field trips. Students will have the opportunity to earn two national certificates in CPR and the National Healthcare Assessment.



11th or 12th graders who are motivated learners, enjoy working with all types of people and are passionate about the medical field!

*excellent attendance

*interest in life sciences

*ability to read, write, research at a 10th grade level or higher

*initiative, curiosity and great work ethic



Pamela Abzan

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This course is held at LRTC in room V210.