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Multimedia Technology entails learning and making use of many different skills in the areas of video production, graphic design (2D design from a fine arts perspective), computer animation and web design. If you like to do any of the following: write, draw, take pictures, use video cameras, create music, make movies, act, speak in public, work with a team, work with computers and the web, create something special from the ground up, do community service, then Multimedia Technology is a great choice for you.

Multimedia Technology prepares you for the world of work, college or everyday use in the field of new media. With further study, you could someday start your own business or even teach in this area. Multimedia Technology is a two year program lasting three periods each day.
Multimedia Technology also offers you the opportunity to earn up to 6 college credits and possibly 9 by the end of the second year. The college credits offered are in Photoshop, Web Design and possibly New Media. More information to come. You do not have to take both years, although it is highly recommended. Seniors can still take the first year of Multimedia and get the fundamentals.
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Prerequisites: Basic art skills are a plus. Creative and motivated learner. Must be able to work independently. Multimedia I -- Grade Level: 10, 11, 12 Weeks: 36 Credits: 3 CP. Multimedia II -- Grade Level 10, 11, 12 Weeks: 36 Credits: 3 CP

In Addition:
The courses that fall into this category are 1 period classes (80 minutes) designed specifically to compliment program students.These are optional (not required) but are available to students who would like to add to their two period commitment. For further information please contact Ms. St.Amand in room V-7 or email
Courses that supplement programs include:
Business Law
Design for Print
Finance Management
Intro to Web Design
Microsoft Office - Excel
Microsoft Office - Word
Technology Courses



This course meets for 36 weeks.


This course is held at LRTC in room V7.