Principles of Engineering

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Principles of Engineering (POE) is an introductory offering at  LRTC.  The POE curriculum is focused on the concepts of engineering graphics and design as they relate to a variety of disciplines in the mechanical and technical environments.
Course Outline:  Students will study the engineering design process, digital and analog electronics, electrical fundamentals & wiring, 3D modeling, technical drawings, 3D printing, computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill and lathe using G&M coding, robotics, drone coding, using a waterjet cutter, portfolio development.

You are also invited to join our LRTC 8023 First Robotics team!!


The ability to read, comprehend, and write at a high school level.


This class is for Lewiston High School students.

It meets on Blue days.

It meets during period 3.

It is a full year course.

You will earn 1/2 credit for this class.