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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
A Travel, Tourism & Hospitality training program prepares you to take care of the daily operations of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments.  You will bring all the different departments together to achieve one goal: creating happy and satisfied customers.  You will learn a broad skill set so you can achieve success in this diverse career.  A Hospitality management career path will equip you with business, food service and technical skills.
A Travel, Tourism & Hospitality career could take you around the world.  It can prepare you with a versatlie skill set that can be used just about anywhere. If you are ready for an exciting career that connects you to interesting people, consider pursuing this profession.  Employers worldwide are searching for candidates who have these types of skills.

Topics and Objectives:

Operational areas of the Hospitality Industry

Explore the Travel and Tourism Industry

Explore why people travel


Air, Surface and CruiseTravel

Customer Service


Additional Classroom activities:

Traveling to various sites in the community

Guest Speakers

Case studies

Virutal field trips

Hands on experience

Real-world hands-on projects

Career possibilities are endless, but some of the most popular and quickest growing jobs in this industry include:
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Food Service Hospitality
Travel Investigator
Travel Agencies
Public Relations (Customer Service)
Cruise Ships
Event planning
Tourist Attractions
Travel Correspondent
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Note:  This is a 1 year - (2 period class).
In Addition:
The courses that fall into this category are 1 period classes (80 minutes) designed specifically to compliment program students.These are optional (not required) but are available to students who would like to add to their two period commitment. For further information please contact Mrs. Lessard in room V-222 or email
Courses that supplement programs include:
Business Law
Design for Print
Finance Management
Intro to Web Design
Microsoft Office - Excel
Microsoft Office - Word
Technology Courses



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This course is held at LRTC in room V222.