Business Management

What it is:

Do you want to learn about the strategies that make businesses run? This program focuses on the various skills required in business management. In this program you will be challenged with real-world case scenarios,  and problem solving. If you want to understand why some businesses fail, survive, or thrive  – this is the program for you. Using computer based simulation and management practices you will develop a foundation for 21st century business success.

Students will earn the following: 2 high school credits, and 3 college credits from Central Maine Community College (transferrable to the college where they enroll)



  • What must managers do, and do well, to make the company a winner in the game of business?
  • Strategy and execution are part of the learning process.
  • Develop skills to spot ways to improve a business and adjust strategies.
  • Enhance your powers of business judgment.



  • Simulation/gaming software
  • Studying cases of success and failures
  • Management principles
  • State and national SkillsUSA, FBLA and Junior Achievement competitions