Trades Career Cluster

The Trades Career Cluster at Lewiston Regional Technical Center offers students training in Building Trades, , Power Mechanics and Landscaping. Woodworking, Cabinetry, Electrical Wiring, and Plumbing Systems are covered as Building Trades as an ongoing theme throughout the program. Additionally there are ample opportunities to gain skills in  Power Mechanics. Student outcomes are geared toward entering the workforce and gaining higher level skills through a post secondary experience or apprenticeships.

Trades Career Cluster 1 provides specific instruction in the use of hand tools, hand held power tools, stationary power tools, and maintenance and diagnosis of gasoline powered equipment. Students work with materials commonly used in light construction and furniture making. Teams may take on live work situations in a customer/contractor relationship as the year progresses. Students also obtain an OSHA 10 card.

Trades Career Cluster 2 continues where the first year leaves off with a focus on work outside the building in the community and surrounding towns as a class or work group. A high level of detail in planning and performance prepares students for real world success. Variety in works completed is different every year but usually includes a number of construction, cabinetry, remodeling, power mechanics and landscaping projects. Sometimes several projects are moving forward at once. Students may participate in Job Shadow experiences and Work Study as appropriate.

Many examples of our work can be seen by clicking the course links below.