Criminal Justice II

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Advanced criminal justice training topics: Criminal Investigations, Case Preparation, Identification of Suspects, Handling Physical Evidence  Handling Crimes Against People & Property, Motor Vehicle Thefts, Identification & Handling of Drugs, Arson Investigation, Injury, Death & Abuse Cases, Courtroom Testimony & Demeanor, Traffic Control & Accident Investigation, Polygraph, Photography, Corrections, Resume Preparation & Formal Interviewing Techniques, Criminology and more!

Dual Enrollments & Certifications

High school elective credit- 3

SMCC- CJUS 110 (Police Operations)- 3 credits

CMCC- CRJ 296 (Special Topics in Law Enforcement)- 3 credits

Husson- CJ 215 (Police Operations)- 3 credit Articulation Agreement if you go to Husson


Successful completion of Criminal Justice I



Steve Reece

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This class meets on our Blue days.

It meets from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm.

It is a 3 period class.

You will earn 3 high school elective credits.