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The food service industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program will have the unique opportunity to learn in a functional restaurant and catering business run by a professional Chef with 35 years experience, and a Baker with extensive training in the art of pastries and cake decorating. This course is for serious students that would like to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts field.  It provides students with the opportunity to work in all aspects of Culinary Arts and hospitality service and to further their education in the food industry.

Career Opportunities: Pantry Cook, Prep Cook, Short Order Cook, Dining Room Service, Sous Chef, Chef, Executive Chef, Restaurant Owner/Operator, Catering Chef, Cake Decorator, Baker, Pastry Chef, Dietician, Banquet Coordinator, Food Service Director, Wedding Planner, Bed and Breakfast, Culinary Arts Instructor and many more.

Course Topics: • Safety • Sanitation • Culinary Math • Knife skills • Product Knowledge • The Five Mother Sauces and their Application • Equipment & Ingredient Technology • The Art of Garde Manger • Breakfast Cookery • Poultry Cookery • Sauté Cookery • Fry Cookery • Baking • Importance of Weighing and Measuring Ingredients • Yeast Doughs • Muffins, Cookies and Quickbreads • Creams, Fillings and Frostings • Cake Decorating

Dual Enrollments and Certifications

High school elective credit- 3

Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Central Maine Community College

Southern Maine Community College.


Students enrolling in the Culinary Arts Program should: • have the ability to use basic math skills that relate to the food service industry • have good attendance • have the desire to work hard • have a good attitude •  desire to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts field. • demonstrate creative thinking skills and artistic appreciation. • be able to stand for long periods of time • have the ability to work without supervision in a team setting. • have the ability to comprehend and demonstrate industry safety standards • have a reading Lexile Text measure of 1100 or above.

Students are required to purchase (scholarships available):

*two chef jackets at approximately $15.00 to $20.00 each

*one chef hat at $10.00



Rebecca Levesque

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Education: Bachelor of Professional Studies in Baking & Pastry Arts Management. Graduated 1st in... MORE


Tony Scherrer

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EXPERIENCE: Chef Tony teaches the following courses at the Lewiston Regional Technical Center - ... MORE


This class is held at The Green Ladle.

This class meets on our White days.

It meets from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm.

It is a 3 period class.

You will earn 3 high school elective credits.