Electricity I

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This program is designed to provide entry-level skills into the electrical field. Students learn to install wiring systems from blueprints and according to the National Electrical Code. Participants will learn to wire residential and commercial projects. Students will learn how to splice wires, install and wire receptacles, switches, light fixtures, low voltage systems, nonmetallic and metallic cables, and conduit systems.


Dual Enrollments and Certifications

High school credits- 3

10 Hour OSHA Training certification

Students competing both the first and second year of this program will earn other credentials.  Visit the second year link here


Ability to read, comprehend, and write at a high school level.

Strong basic math skills including fractions.


This class meets on our White days.

It meets from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm.

It is a 3 period class.

You will earn 3 high school elective credits.