Engineering & Architectural Design 1

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The first thing you do in EAD1 is research different engineering fields that interest you, so that you can focus your projects in this area. We cover the following standards: architectural & mechanical, sketching, board drafting, 2D&3D CAD, 3D modeling, safety and employability skills.

All projects in this class have a sketching, 2D & 3D CAD and a hands-on 3D model component to them. Examples of projects: Historical Building Model, Shed Design, Cabin Design, 3D Puzzle, etc…

Students will either construct 3D models by hand, use the 3D printer or the Laser Engraver.

Dual Enrollments and Certifications

High school elective credits- 3

10 Hour OSHA Training certification

3 College Credits in AEDD105 CAD Graphics from SMCC


**Pre-requisite Skills:

  • Students enrolled in the EAD program should have prior exposure to algebra and geometry
  • Basic skills in the use of a scientific calculator
  • Basic skills in the use of computer software to make graphs, reports and presentations.

**Students are required to:

  • Wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment while doing lab work.



Tami Stewart

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Education: AAS - Mechanical Drafting Technology, CMCC; B.S. - Industrial Technology Program, USM; ... MORE


This class meets on our White days.

It meets from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm.

It is a 3 period class.

You will earn 3 high school elective credits.