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The first year of the Information Technology program will focus on introducing students to different types of hardware and software. By the end of the first year, students will be able to: build a PC, replace desktop or laptop components, and troubleshoot a majority or software problems. Students will be exposed to a paperless classroom focused on individual learning at their own pace. Other topics include: client virtualization, introduction to Linux, customer service, and basic networking.


Dual Enrollments and Certifications

High school elective credit- 3

CMCC- CPT 147 (Computer PC Repair/OS) – 3 credits & CPT 225 (Advanced Computer Repair) – 3 credits

Industry Certification: CompTIA A+ & TestOut PC Pro



Strong reading, math, and logical comprehension skills.
Great attendance record and a fascination for Technology.



Jon Dresser

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CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+


This class meets on our White days.

It meets from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm.

It is a 3 period class.

You will earn 3 high school elective credits and up to 6 college credits