Jobs for Maine’s Graduates

Have you ever wondered why you have to learn things you’ll never use again after high school?

Have you ever wanted a class that focuses on practical real life skills?

That’s us!

Financial literacy

  • Learn budgeting, how to find money for college, do taxes, pay bills online, find a car, job, or apartment.

Job skills

  • Create a resume, practice interview skills, meet business leaders, do mock interviews with professionals

Career exploration

  • Find the career YOU want to do and create a plan to get there


  • Practice giving back through community service and hands on activities

Team building and leadership

  • Work with classmates to grow in class and the compete and practice skills in the community


JMG places an emphasis on leadership, self-development, career exploration and connections with school and community.  An interview process is required with the instructor. This program provides students the opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment, become a valued member of a peer group, learn effective communication and practice skills that are vital in the workplace.