Nursing Assistant

Students will learn the specialized skills in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. ¬†“Nursing Assistant: a Nursing Process Approach, 11th Edition” is the competency-based text used to provide instruction in the skills each student will acquire to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (students must be able to read/comprehend).

The Nursing Assistant program also provides students the opportunity to learn within a variety of health care settings including: residential care, long-term care facilities, and participate in hospital care all while under the Registered Nurse instructor’s supervision.

The education of Nursing Assistant’s is managed by Maine DHHS and guided by federal regulation. ¬† In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, ¬†students must be at least 16 by the first day of class , in good physical/mental health and meet the requirements set by the Maine State Board of Nursing’s standardized curriculum. The curriculum includes a minimum of 90 hours of classroom theory, 20 hours of in house lab and 70 hours of clinical care, and students must maintain an average grade of 70 or better.